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The tell-tales of my purse

The other day as I was walking towards my car, I grabbed into my purse for the keys. On this particular day, I was [obviously] looking very cool in my new sunglasses. No kids in tow, walking briskly across the parking lot, it took me a few moments to realize that what I was holding in my hand was a set of pink-plastic-toy-keys. I swear no day-time drinking had taken place, and these particular keys are very realistic looking - really! It took me an additional moment, with the purse open on the hood of my car, before I found the right keys. So much for looking cool.

If you were to look into my purse, you would quickly understand how this scenario could occur. Put simply; it's a bit messy in there.

To give you a few more details: It's full of old receipts and grocery-shopping lists. There's usually enough receipts and old lists to make my purse resemble a paper bin and give out the sound of crackling whenever a hand goes in. There's a few toys (this is where the pink-toy-keys came into the picture), there's one or two diapers, clean underwear (for potty-training purposes), a wallet, car keys, my cell phone, pacifiers and a chap-stick - all thrown into a very chic designer purse, obviously! [...continue]

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