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When A Daughter Becomes A Mother

momheartGrowing up I was sure I knew it all. It wasn’t arrogance; I simply had more living and learning to do. And, as you can imagine, most things my young heart perceived as true turned out completely different. We grow wiser through good times, bad times, struggles, and joys and over the years we receive life lessons. Some of the lessons I’m the most thankful for are the ones I’ve received through becoming a mother. They‘ve not only taught me about myself, but also about my own mother.

As a girl I found most things my mother said and did strange. I didn’t understand why she worried so much, and to be quite honest most of my teenage days I figured she was a step away from the madhouse. I would roll my eyes every time she explained herself with, “When you become a mother then you’ll understand”, which she did a lot!

Then it happened. I did become a mother, and ever so slowly all the strange little things started to make sense....[continue] 

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